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Automation of Gas / Liquid Fuel / Solid Fuel fired boilers.
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MNC Automation provides  upgrade to boiler controls and installation of a boiler automation system
Boiler automation,
We provide complete automation solutions for control of Gas / Liquid Fuel / Solid Fuel fired boilers. The Standard Boiler Control Software Module developed by us has the following basic features :

Drum Level Control with Feedback & Feed-forward Control
Fuel & Combustion Air Control with Lead-Lag Ratio Control
Furnace Pressure Control
Steam Temperature Control

Steam Pressure Control
Group Sequence Start/Shutdown sequence control
Control and Monitoring of other Boiler Parameters
Communication with Temperature Scanners
Communication with Plant DCS
Centralised Monitoring and SCADA with
- Live Mimic Graphics
- Alarm & Event Logging
- Online & Historical Trends
- Report Generation

Integration with Generator Control System ( Optional )

The standard modules can be easily tailored and optimized to suit individual requirements.


Boiler automation, Automation for control of boilers
ID & FD Fans Control
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MNC Automation  help customers for modifying the boilers for fuel shift, to meet specific plant loads in most effective way, choosing correct level of automation
Boiler Feed Water Control
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Boiler Automation,boiler automation consultant
Boiller al a Glance
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Boiler Consultant, Boiler automation, Boiler automation consultant, automation for control of Gas / Liquid Fuel / Solid Fuel fired boilers.
Control Loops Tuning
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